Mass SMS with links to mobile web.

Thanks to the mass SMS application from Marketer4Mobile, you can send mass SMS messages just once or automatically. SMS messages offer a way to stay in touch with customers who aren’t using their mobile Internet.

External database backup

Recipients open up to 95% of SMS messages

Create a mobile number database on your Marketer4Mobile account, compile an SMS message and send it. You can also set a send delay so the message is sent at a specific date and time. You can also personalize your SMS by inserting the customer’s name and surname.

Send messages from your own number or using a sender with the name of your company

Send an SMS from a number or a selected name.

If you use your mobile phone number as the sender, your customers can reply directly to you.

Link SMS with your web

By including a web link in your SMS message you can efficiently link an SMS campaign to your web, e-shop or web form.

Campaign results and report

After sending a text message, Marketer4Mobile offers a report specifying how many messages have been sent and delivered and at what times.


Our developers have at their disposal a simple API which allows us to create custom SMS services or link your own CRM, business system or e-shop to our SMS gate.