Quick bulk SMS sending

Quick bulk SMS sending to your customers.

Marketer4Mobile allows you to send bulk sms from the Internet via a web browser. The fact is that 80% of mobile customers can open and read SMS. A SMS is the perfect way to deliver your information to the customer. Marketer4Mobile provides safe, high quality, and high capacity SMS system.

Quick bulk e-mail sending to your customers.

Marketer4Mobile is the most comprehensive tool for direct online marketing on the market. It provides an overview of your SMS and Mobile www and e-mail campaigns, combined with a simple user interface and automated statistics. Marketer4Mobile lets you create templates which you can then use for sending your regular e-mail messages and newsletters. You can quickly design a perfect bulk e-mail, which will increase the loyealty of your customers and increase the sales.

Mobile WWW campaign

Quick bulk SMS sending to your customers.

The number of sales channels and devices, through which the companies may reach potential customers increases. Customers use more smart phones, tablets, eReaders, online video, and so on. Companies are forced to invest heavily in financial and human resources to bring and keep their products before customers' eyes on mobile phones or social networks. Marketer4Mobile offers a simple application which will allow you to create your own mobile websites, using templates, which saves time, and moreover, the system is hosted by us for free. A campaign can be sent by SMS messages with a link to a mobile web page.

Mobile discount coupons

Quick bulk SMS sending to your customers.

Marketer4Mobile is a web application platform for companies, which lets you create a marketing campaign with digital discount coupons. By using the Marketer4Mobile pre-programmed templates, you can create discount coupons quickly and for a significantly less costs, compared with programming companies. Our system allows you to quickly and easily create and send digital discount coupons. Increase the loyalty of your customers and reward their loyalty to your product or company.