Frequently asked questions

How to pay for the service?

If you wish to pay, use the option to pay through the invoice by a wire transfer to our account, which can be found on the invoice.

For how long can I subscribe to the service?

You can pay for the service once a year. Our goal is long-lasting and fair relationship with the customer.

Why to use

To automate and perform E-mail, SMS, and mobile www marketing at the professional level, you need to keep track of the contacts, subscribed and unsubscribed recipients, you need to know very clearly to which e-mails you've sent your message, and in particular, you need to know how many customers have opened and read your advertising messages. Marketer4Mobilewill will provide you with such information.

Do you sell databases of e-mail addresses and mobile phone numbers?

We do not sell. Marketer4Mobile is a tool for building a long-term relationship between the company and its customers. Therefore, we do not offer the purchase or sale of third party databases of e-mails and mobile phone numbers.

How many E-mails or SMS messages can be sent?

You do not need to worry, that Marketer4Mobile will be caught out by a large number of e-mails and SMS messages to be sent. This application is technically sized to be able to send millions of e-mail and SMS messages. Our technical surveillance system monitors the sending 24 hours a day.

Is it possible to integrate Marketer4Mobile with applications of third parties?

Yes, it is possible. We can connect your existing information systems via API interface to SMS or E-mail, and also to Marketer4Mobile functions. Marketer4Mobile uses the most advanced IT functions and libraries.

How to purchase a credit for sending SMS messages?

A guide for buying a credit is located at the top right corner; see the red Buy credit button.

Where can I find paid and issued invoices for my account?

You will find the invoices after signing in to your account, top menu SETTING, PAYMENT HISTORY item.

Can I be sure my campaigns will not be evaluated as SPAM ?

No one will give 100% certainty that your e-mails are not considered SPAM. But Marketer4Mobile is trying to minimize the risk that your e-mails will be assessed this way. Marketer4Mobile is a part of international white-lists and thanks to its contact with operators of e-mail services and internet providers, Marketer4Mobile has a high rate of delivering e-mail messages.

Can I measure statistics, mobile www, SMS and e-mail campaigns?

Immediately after sending your campaign, you can learn in the summarizing reports to which addresses the e-mails were delivered and which addresses are non-functional or unavailable. After reading the e-mail campaign, your statistics of clicking and opening the e-mail will show. For the SMS messages, you can see the number of sent and actually delivered SMS messages. Mobile web campaigns have their own statistical tool.